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Es können noch ca. 2.7738957312183E+49 zufällige Passwörter erstellt werden!
Evaluation criteria Specifications deductions reading
Optimum password length is 10 characters per missing character -5% ok
Entropie = 139.52 >=100 -10% ok
Missing lower case a-z -20% ok
Lack of capital letters A-Z -20% ok
Lack of punctuation and special characters -+.,;:_#/*%&?${}[]() etc. -20% ok
missing numbers 0-9 -20% ok
no spaces or unprintable characters öäüÀÈÇ etc. -20% ok
identical characters in a row from 3 Character -20% ok
string on the keyboard from 3 Character -20% ok
ABC, and sequences, from 3 Character -20% ok
Password eruierbar facilitated by word list DE, EN, FR, NL -20% ok
Passwort in Passwort Liste Passwöter ca.802.567.055 von haveibeenpwned.com -100% ok
quality points in the password   Threshold> = 80% 100% safe ok

The calculation takes your password by Brute-Force (2.1 billion keys per second)
seconds minutes hours days years
3.34127853 98334E+38 5.56879756 63891E+36 9.28132927 73151E+34 3.86722053 22146E+33 1.05951247 45794E+31